Current State Of NASCAR Truns Off Fans and Nascar Knows How to Fix It

Misan AkuyaCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

DOVER, DE - SEPTEMBER 27:  Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe's Chevrolet, celebrates with the trophy  in victory lane after winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway on September 27, 2009 in Dover, Delaware.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR)

It was a nice Sunday afternoon.  I had just returned home from Church turned on the t.v to watch the cup race.  Normally i go to races held nearby my residence (for instance I attended both Richmond races this year) but I decided to skip out on Dover this year.  I called up my friend to enjoy watching the race with.  The 25 laps were dominated by Jimmie Johnson then the competition yellow shook it up.  Then On lap 31 was the restart with Ryan Newman the leader.  Quickly Dover's version of the big one occurred when Joey Logano was racing hard with Bobby Labonte, checked up , Tony Stewart had no where to go hit him, Joey spun across the track into the outside wall getting creamed by Reed Sorenson and flipping 7 1/2 times.  He was ok.

Sad thing is a horrific crash like that was the only exciting part of the race.

Jimmie Johnson made a pass for the lead and the same pass for the win on lap 176.  Meaning that for the next 224 laps that Jimmie Johnson would lead no contested practically cruising to his 4th win of the season, 44th of his career, and a march towards history.

My friend decided to take a nap while Kurt Busch was still in the lead and slept right thru the race.  He didn't miss much.

Why did the 48 team dominate that much at Dover?  Simple.  In this day of NASCAR with no testing, when goodyear issues tire test and chooses you be be one of the participants, that is a huge advantage over the field.  With the 48 team being already good at Dover with a dominant win there in the Spring, giving them the opportunity to turn more laps there was putting the ax in the back of 42 other drives.

NASCAR races seem to be getting to predictable.  Long gone are the wondering who will win this race feeling fans get before the race starts (unless it is Talladega and Daytona).

But there is a simple way NASCAR can fix this.

Open back testing.

That is what is holding back several teams.  Track time is so critical right now.  Everything is so close.  The slightest edge can result in domination that the 48 displayed Sunday afternoon.

Test at 6 tracks, Daytona, Lowes,Indy,Sonoma,Richmond, and Dover.  Do these 2 day test 6 times a year at these 6 different venues and you will see a huge improvement in competition.

With the comp[ettion so tight it is important that every team has a fair chance to be the best they can be Sunday.  And if they can find something during a 2 day test, then perhaps we can see more faces winning races and championships.

I think due to the economy that it was a good idea to close down testing.  But it is getting better.  And bringing it back Sooner rather than later will help the sport all around.

Right now NASCAR'S only hopes of ending the monotony and stopping fleeing fans are Tony Stewart, Mark Martin, Juan Pablo, and Kurt Busch.  But as much as I don't like it.  The odds ate in Jimmie's favor.

Not saying that he will be the 2009 champion.  Infact I will stick to my pick Tony Stewart, but the dominance and monotony must end and NASCAR knows how to fix it.