Ronnie C WrightContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

Running, throwing, blocking, giving - he paints a canvas with faith and courage...
By Ronnie C. Wright
      " He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." College football today is big business - generating millions for its respective universities - Tim Tebow, in this highly technological era - elevated the spirit. "I never thought of losing, but now that it's happened the only thing is to do it right. That's my obligation to all the people who believe in me. We all have to take defeats in life," Muhammad Ali, said.
     Although Tebow took a personal blow in the Kentucky game, witnessed my thousands in the stadium and millions at home - his faith and spirit appeared to rise above all else and paint a picture of hope for all. His prior acts of courage on and off the field of play are testaments to his personal brand of compassion and character capable of transforming an individual and a nation.
     Every great artist inspires art...Tim Tebow inspired this...
Are you a superhero? Who will catch your next ball? So far over my head into the cove. That we can feel the spark. Parting and painting the blue sky. Across the canvas and the eclipsed sun. Beyond the barrier far as a day’s long. In the fresh fly net thrown. To the sea and season of love. And the purple pulse of fan. Waits for blessing. And picnic honey. Pouring on the wide smile.
You must study flight of bee. Cause the hand speed blade slicing the butter. Of ancient warrior. And the flighted feather of pig skin. Sharing today with a satellite. And the rooftop dish of identical suburbs. Upon the jubilant hill won. Gives us his name and his fame. And the gilded blade drawn. With every breath. And, the jewel flung from his sword to open hand.
Begin the fish fry. And the next dance. Fueled by his dream. Passions on the pencil mark. Of the writer of column. And the toothpick chewing coach. Who led him to a pennant in his cap. And loved him like a son. His hope won race in summer. Terrific and climbing on the great scheduled way. Playing in spring in the column of his career.
In the wave of the wind. In the swirling cycle of his time. Cause he is stock and broker. Pointing at the sky – red, white and blue. By the steady rise of his chart. And the wisdom of expectation. Back to back dividends and fireworks. Cause he is Main Street, Wall Street, Every Street and circus in between – Mastering all. And the chosen one. And the electricity of his charge straightens our hair.
Care Teddy bear. In the prime of his giving. Gift we will catch. To the last drop good. Of the corked champagne bottle. The club prize of the winning ritual. And the sweeten tea boiling. With his steam, in every swing. And staircase of mention. From the invested vault. Of the house. Of man with bat.
The manor born. Apparent the air. The chosen one! And bright star. Raised upon stage. In the shadows of the great. The forward advice of the say hey. Fresh from the giants of old. The basket catch of the fields sure. In the day gathering. Of times to their present. The record coming home! And the world stood still for a king.
Cause in the game of the willing of glory be. The true diamonds of polish. Over the written hype. Of the kissers of brass. Full of smoke. And the bean count. And wearing the grin. From the coffee shop. Like print on the white page. And heat of sun. He rises above the fog. Not attached to their forecasting.
Permanent row is a gift. Birthday and anniversary to the loyal. Of hikers whose bag he fills. To carry his treasure. Clear through spring, summer and fall. And fan have come to love the trailblazer. Pioneer of the greatest measure. Now commentator fof the sporting news pays – Homage to a master and pro. For the contribution of joy of the game.

And the hero of the now the glimpse of the future, In the center of the game. In the center of the fame. And the understudies of playacting bestsellers. Learn lessons from the center of the stage. Today and tomorrow. From the one here to stay. Shine the star. Galaxy spun a milky way. And the treat of the day. Spread upon his toast. In the majestic crowning. And the dawn dew of the warm spring.

He runs the white lines of field and scores. In a knighting of the era gone. In the way of the noble. He would throw back and win. For the golden band. And the silver trumpet. Holds up the sign. Peace on Earth – Goodwill to all. His driving answers their cry. His feat burns in our mind. Now we believe in the chosen one. The mark underscores Victory! – at the day’s end.