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Paul SalmanSenior Analyst ISeptember 29, 2009

Today's Klown of the Day comes from a guest contributor who attended the Patriots vs. Falcons game this past Sunday. Here is the story:


From http://www.pasiksright.blogspot.com/  

So I am at the game on Sunday, and in the row behind me you have this young kid, maybe 9 or 10 years old at his first game with his father and his uncle. The uncle is obviously intoxicated and is just being stupid and heckling a red head female sitting behind him (who didn't do anything to provoke this rampage).

He then moves on to his next victims and starts heckling a couple of falcons fans (who were just being fans, weren't doing anything deserving this level of trash talk).

Just to give you an idea of the type of guy we are talking about, he would say something to these Falcons fans and then flash his hands and say "you guys don't have any rings!!!" Meanwhile he is wearing fake rings that anyone could buy but nobody in their right mind would actually buy.

Eventually people complained and the guy (the uncle) got a warning, and then was escorted out of the stadium in the 3rd quarter. The father trys to help keep the Uncle at the game and begins to reason with the cops, but was unsuccessful.

The Father proceeds to pounds a few beers, then with about 6 min to go in the game starts acting up and talking smack to the guys behind him (who obviously complained, rightfully so, everyone in the section thought this guy was just terrible).

At first it was just talk, but then with about 3 or 4 min to go this guy starts challenging everyone to a fight. Nobody is biting on his offer and a few people are trying to calm him down. Meanwhile his poor kid is crying and basically hallucinating BEGGING his father to stop.

The Falcons fans were trying to calm the poor kid down.

Eventually he throws a swing but is bear hugged by a do-gooder, and the cops get up there to break things up. The guy doesn't stop, and at this point his kid is freaking out. The guy then proceeds to take a swing at a cop, and gets tased.

He was escorted out of the game and the kid was taken by the cops as well.

Just an awful site. I feel so bad for the kid and cannot imagine the amount of problems he will have with these two buffoons as his support system.


Go here for more: From http://www.pasiksright.blogspot.com/