Randy Travesty Or Unrealistic Viewpoints From Deliusional Cane Fans

Dee WordContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Head coach Randy Shannon of the Miami Hurricanes watches his team take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Land Shark Stadium on September 17, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Miami defeated Georgia Tech 33-17.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

This is a response to Luis Gonzalez's article:  Randy Travesty: Why Miami's Coach Shannon Must Go Now

I seriously seriously just don't get some of you so called "TRUE CANE FANS" who are shouting for Randy's head.  Luis my brother...although I respect your opinion, I completely disagree with you.  After starting off 2-1 no less, with the type of early schedule we have in front of us, you want Randy fired?!?  I guess there will always be something to complain about so I shouldn't be surprised but I at least expect TRUE FANS to be realistic.  Randy has taken the attitude and behavior from yester-years Hurri-Gangstaz and all but wiped it away.  Which disagree if you like but it was a major problem.  He cleaned up the program set up the game plan and then starting recruiting the right type of players that fit into the model.  So what did we get out of that ummm lets see:  damn good QB, a stable full of RBs, a receiving corp that in another year will probably be acknowledged as one of the strongest of any team in the nation let alone the ACC.  He has built up the defensive line and added depth, stock piled young fast LBs and is working on O-Line and DB's now.  Its funny how people think Randy started out with decent/good squad.  The cupboard was all but empty after Cocker.  It is very unlikely to turn around a complete program in 3 years so why would TRUE FANS expect it to be done in 1 or 2 under Randy's reign.  We all hate losing and despise not being where we dominated for so long but check ya'selves people.

As for Randy running off players, lets call it exactly what it is.  Competition!  Everyone sees the potential that Jacory Harris has.  The fact that Miami recruited 3 to 4 QBs all in the same graduating year I will give you as a valid point.  However, the best of the best gets the start.  Period.  Knowing that you will have very limited playing time behind someone who is beginning to distance himself as a bonafied starter, played a big part in 2 QB transfer.  We will not even start with Marve...he had character and behavior issues from the day is stepped on campus.  Marve has no one to blame for not going to classes and getting in trouble.

I'm not a huge RS supporter and Dude really KILLS me with some of his choices on the sideline (especially clock management) but then again....I'm on the edge of my seat cursing out NFL Head Coaches for silly calls they do on Sundays.  He isn't always going to make the right call and sometimes lets face it...he is up against oppose Coaches whom are trying to outsmart him.  Ball calls are going to happen. So for that alone I can give him a pass for now.  However, what he has done for the University to make it relevant again...even if we aren't back, be sure there is no more glimmers of possibilities.  You can see a good team taking form.  Its palpable!  RS might not have gone about it the way some of you TRUE FANS might have wanted it done but make no mistake, we are at least a year ahead of schedule in our resurgence into the competitive side of the ACC and BCS.  You ain't gotta luv the guy but give just due respect!

We played like crap for one game.  Never mind the factors that lead to it (and don't blame Shannon for the Graham call because Whipple called a personnel package that involved him in it because they liked the match-up and he WAS OPEN!  No one had a problem with him being in there when he was catching balls.) but we took a good ole fashion butt whooping.  No Excuses.  This team is still young and there will be mistakes made.  Throw in a monsoon in a tough environment and hey there is a possibility that you see more than a few.  That's football folks.  I think the mistakes we had last year in the first 3 games is allot more than we had in the 3 early starts this year.   It was one bad game..move on and let the season play out. 

The defense is lackluster this year and I can not for the life of me figure out why Spencer is having such a mediocre year after such an outbreak year in 2008.  However Lovett deserves his share of criticism as much as Randy.  The defense isn't a bad defense, however right now I do not think they are above average either.  We have the talent, lack the execution but the potential is there.  I think it will be reach far sooner than most give them credit for.

Funny thing is...if Canes were to run the table and finish with one loss..I bet all the Shannon haters would flip the script and say well all he needed was some time.  For the record..that is all he asked for 2 years ago.  4 to 5 years to turn the program around.  From the looks of it...he is still on the right track to me!