NFL Week Five Predictions: Bears to Beat the Packers

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NFL Week Five Predictions: Bears to Beat the Packers
IconThey'll probably continue to prove me wrong, but I'm still not a believer in Tennessee. There are just too many holes and question marks. I think Atlanta keeps it going and beats the Titans.

Statistically speaking, Miami shouldn't be 0-4—and there's reason to suspect this team could turn it around. Offensively, can they take advantage of the Houston pass defense? No, I doubt it. Then again, I don't foresee Houston, with their injuries, taking advantage of Miami's weak run defense. I like Matt Schaub more than Trent Green right now, so I guess I'll go with Houston.

Jacksonville is still a good football team, and I don't think KC is going to do much scoring this week. The Jags never do much scoring, but I think they do enough to beat the Chiefs.

The Rams are terrible, I mean terrible, and Arizona has a good football team. The Cardinals' quarterback snafu might tear the team apart—but if it doesn't, watch out for them. I mean it this time. In any event, Warner, Leinart, you, me—it doesn't matter, the Cards take out the Rams.

Strange as it may seem, this week represents one of the toughest defensive tests the Pats have had thus far, and they'll be glad to have Rodney Harrison back. Unfortunately for the Browns, their defense is horrible, and the Patriots score at will on whoever they play...and will do so again in a New England win.

The Saints are bad; I figured they would be when the year started. They're slow on defense, don't have a reliable ground game, lack a possession receiver, and are witnessing Drew Brees do what Drew Brees does—alternate good and bad years. That said, David Carr is pretty bad too—and he might be just bad enough for New Orleans to notch win numero uno.

The Jets don't do much right, while the Giants, seemingly overnight, figured out how to rush the passer. With no threat of a running game to keep the Giants defense honest, the Giants ends will tee-off on Chad Pennington en route to a Giants victory.

The Steelers need Hines Ward to play. If he does, Pittsburgh wins. If he doesn't, I think Seattle wins. The Seahawks are flying under the radar this year, and that makes them ultra dangerous. Pittsburgh's loss to Arizona shows this team is very fallible—and I think Seattle will prove it some more.

I'm a believer in the Lions. Jon Kitna is a good system quarterback, and obviously Mike Martz employs a QB-friendly system, especially with this trio of receivers. The Redskins defense is better than it was a year ago, but they haven't faced a passing attack this deep yet. The Washington O lacks the explosive playmaking ability to keep up, and the Lions will win this one.

The Bucs may be 3-1, but they aren't anything special—especially with key injuries mounting. Even with Cadillac Williams, beating the Colts would have been a tall order. Without him to challenge the Indy run D, I just don't see Tampa scoring enough. The Colts, meanwhile, will get theirs—they always do. Sure, the Bucs defense SEEMS to be back to its old form...but it's still old, and won't be able to stop the high-powered Colts enough to stay in this game.

Norv Turner against Mike Shannahan? Please. Who do you think I'm going with? The Chargers ship is sinking fast. Unless LT totally dominates this game, which he most definitely could, the Chargers lose. San Diego has enough trouble completing passes to receivers as it is—throw in the Denver corners and the Broncos will sit with eight in the box ALL day long. They could sure use John Lynch in uniform though. Still, Denver wins this one.

Trent Dilfer gets a start against his old team, but he won't see the same success Jamal Lewis had last week for Cleveland. The Niners have been a disappointment thus far, and with no passing game to take the pressure off Frank Gore, the Ravens defense will silence the 49er offense. Regardless of the quarterback situation in Baltimore, Baltimore comes out on top.

I think the Bears get on track against Green Bay. I know the setting makes it seem improbable,but something tells me Chicago is going to get it done. Green Bay can't run the ball, and a one-dimensional offense plays right into the hands Chicago's banged-up D. All the Bears have to do is not turn the ball over. That's been a problem in Chi-town—but they'll fix it this week and get a win.

The Cowboys will roll, and roll big. Buffalo isn't any all. The Cowboys are. Then again, this sets up perfectly as one of those games that makes the NFL what it is, and leaves people looking at the score going "do what?" Still, the Bills just don't have the talent—or the anything—to compete with Dallas.

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