Who Is The Best Wwe/f Wrestler/superstar Of All Time ? Round 1

Dynamite BillCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

Welcome ladies and fellows to my who is the Best wrestler/superstar of all time tournament.In this tournament we will try to find who is the best of the best beginning with a <<32>> and slowly progressing to the finals.You the readers are the ones that will declare the winner.Lets start with the first qualifying round.

Eddie Guerrero vs Randy orton

HBK vs Bob Backlund

Rvd vs Hogan

Sgt slaughter vs Bret hart

Chris benoit vs Edge 

Chris jericho vs Mick foley

Bill Graham vs Kurt angle

Batista vs Lesnar

Bruno Sammartino vs The Rock

Stone cold vs Goldberg

Ted di Biase vs Owen hart

Ric Flair vs HHH

Randy Savage vs Junk yard dog

Diesel vs Andre the giant

Undertaker vs Cena 

Curt Henin vs Dusty rhodes