Owens Sick of Media Badgering…Should Steve Smith Be Next?

Lee TawilContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 20:  Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills gets ready to take the field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Orchard Park, New York. Buffalo 33-20. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

As I watched the Cowboys and Panthers battle last night on Monday Night Football, I couldn’t help but notice the frustration that Steve Smith displayed on the sidelines. He was full of rage, and he seemed to be giving Jake Delhomme a mouth-full.

When I saw this, I had flashes of Terrell Owens and all of the quarterbacks that he “victimized” over the years. I thought to myself, “If this wasn’t Steve Smith, and it was Terrell Owens, they would make such a big deal about this. They would say that he is hurting team chemistry and he is being detrimental to the team’s progression.”

It is ridiculous how much flack Owens receives for just being passionate about the game. He wants to win more than anyone else on the field, and he has a bad reputation for letting his emotions get the best of him. Yes it is true that some of the negative attention that he receives is well deserved, but I feel the double standard between him and other players is totally out of proportion.

When you look at a guy like Steve Smith, he does not have a sparkly clean past. He has had a preseason blowout with teammate Ken Lucas, when he punched the cornerback in the eye. Smith was suspended shortly by the team, and all was forgotten.

The media could have made a bigger issue about the fight, but they didn’t. If that happened to Owens, he would be thrown out of the league.

Again, last night seems like another free pass for Steve Smith after the jawing that went on with his quarterback. The media gave it some attention, but not nearly enough. They could have brought up his past anger issues, but they conveniently forgot.

This tendency for the media to pick on Terrell Owens, unevenly compared to other players, is not only being recognized by me. Terrell Owens himself has realized how much the league wants to make a story out of him.

In a press conference following his zero catches against the Saints, reporters were trying to get Owens to talk badly about his team and the play-calling. Owens, being a victim of this approach in the past, just smiled and deflected all of the questions, as if to show that he was not going to give any incriminating information.

Following the badgering press conference Owens said, “It really just shows you the angle that the media has taken all these years. Over the years I’ve always kind of spoken openly about whatever is being asked with my answers, so the last four or five years I’ve kind of noticed that and tried taking some steps to prevent some of those things from happening. But [Sunday] as you saw, it was obviously … [the media] took some more than initiative to try to get me to kind of go down the wrong path.”

In my opinion, everybody deserves a second chance to make up for their faults. Why should Terrell Owens be any different than anybody else? He is obviously trying to be a better person, but people just won’t leave him alone. It’s about time the media finds somebody else to point a finger at. Steve Smith would be a nice target. Don’t you think?