ECW: The Land Of Extreme (Episode 1)

Juan Correspondent ISeptember 29, 2009

Hey everyone, apparently a certain series is back where we get to write our own script for the WWE Shows. I wasn't part of this site when it was going on, but I did read a few of it. I won the role of ECW writer, and I figured I'd do it just for fun and to enhance my creative writing skills. I'm not asking you to cut me slack since I'm new to this thing, but tell me how I can improve. Enjoy! And if you missed Greg's article on Raw, read it here.


JOSH: Welcome everyone to the Land of Extreme, ECW. I am joined here by my partner Matt Striker.

MATT: Hello everyone. We are one week away from 'Hell In A Cell', where all the main events are Hell In A Cell matches.

JOSH: What an amazing night that would be. But tonight here on ECW, we have a huge main event.

MATT: Yes, that's right. Tonight, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson team up as the Ruthless Roundtable and goes against Goldust and a partner of his choosing, in some tag team action.

JOSH: Who could the myster partner be? We'll find out soon enough.

William Regal's music hits as he comes out to some huge heat from the crowd. He is alone tonight wearing a tuxedo.

REGAL: *looks at the crowd in disgust which prompts them to boo even louder* I cannot wait for this Sunday when I can finally let you know who the real champion of this show is. Christian shouldn't have been champion in the first place. He doesn't deserve it. He doesn't deserve to be at the top. He doesn't even deserve to be in the same ring as me. Come Sunday, I will finally make things right on ECW. I—

Christian's music hits as he comes out and slowly gets into the ring, while the crowd starts to cheer loudly. He has a smile on his face. Regal doesn't look too surprised.

REGAL: I expected you to interrupt me like usual.

CHRISTIAN: Well what can I say? No one likes to listen to you complain like usual. Every week it's the same thing. *Imitaing Regal* 'I'm better than you.' 'I'm going to be Champion' I've beaten you two times already Bill. Do you really think you have a chance of beating me? Do you really think you can win the ECW Championship from me?

Zack Ryder comes out to his music. He starts to speak while walking to the ring.

ZACK: You think I was done with you Christian? You think that I was just going to let it go? You were lucky last week. You know that I can beat you.

RYDER: Look here Ryder. This is between him and me. You weren't invited to the party.

ZACK: I deserve a shot at the title too. *Gets into the ring* I propose a triple threat match at 'Hell In A Cell—

REGAL: ABSOLUTELY NOT! You're nowhere near my league. You had your chance last week and you failed. This match will stay as a one-on-one match.

As Christian is about to speak, Tiffany comes out to her music.

TIFFANY: Zack, you got your chance last week. Regal has a point. You failed to win. So at 'HIAC' this Sunday, it will be Regal vs. Christian in a Hell in a Cell match.


TIFFANY: I'm sorry Zack, but I will not change my decision.

Surprisingly, Abraham Washington comes out to his music.

ABE: Uh...Tiffany, didn't you get the memo? *Has an evil smile on his face* You're no longer the General Manager of ECW. I am.

TIFFANY: WHAT? That's ridiculous. I didn't hear any such thing—

Abe takes out a sheet of paper and shows Tiffany. Tiffany is shocked.


ABE: Bye-Bye Tiffany! *Tiffany doesn't move* I said, Bye-Bye Tiffany. GET OUT of my show!

Tiffany has no choice but to walk away silently with a look of disbelief.

ABE: *Smiling* Now, where were we? Oh yeah, at 'HIAC' this Sunday, it will be a triple threat match between Zack Ryder, William Regal and Christian for the ECW Championship! 

He walks out backwards, slowly as his music plays while all the time smiling.

MATT: WOW! Josh, what a surprising turn of events. I'm still in shock!

JOSH: Abraham Washington is the new General Manager of ECW!

All three men are still in the ring. Regal has a very angry look on his face, while Ryder has an evil smile. Ryder makes hand gestures to show that he will be the new ECW Champion this Sunday. Christian looks at both of them as if in deep thought.

JOSH: Stick with us, we'll be right back!

As we come back, Sheamus is in the ring. Shelton comes out to a decent pop. They both start out with some holds that are soon reversed.

Sheamus starts gaining momentum as he performs a german suplex on Shelton. He then goes on the top rope. He performs a moonsault that connects. He goes for the pin, but it's no use as Shelton kicks out. Shelton then blocks a punch from Sheamus, and delivers one of his own. They trade punches, when out of nowhere Shelton delivers a dropkick. He then locks in a camel clutch. But Sheamus soon gets hold of the ropes. Sheamus gets up and kicks him in the guts. He then performs a swinging neckbreaker on Shelton. After another 5 minutes, Shelton gets the upper hand. He goes for a diving clothesline but misses. Sheamus takes this opportunity to perform his finisher, the Irish Curse. This ends the match as Sheamus wins.

The commentators then go on to recap what happened in the beginning. A Raw Rebound is shown along with a preview for next week's Raw. They talk about the matches for Hell In A Cell. All this takes about 10-15 minutes. After this we go to commercial break.

As we come back, we go backstage. Courtney Taylor is going to interview Paul Burchill when suddenly we hear a girl screaming. We go to the girl as she is holding her foot. The Hurricane shows up and carries her. He is about to take her somewhere, when the girl grabs his mask, revealing that it is Gregory Helms. As we get a close-up of the girl, we find out that it is Katie Lea Burchill. The Hurricane runs away while Paul and Katie are standing together smiling.

As we come back to the arena, Tony Chimel tells us that "Now, it's time for the Main Event!"

The Ruthless Roundtable come out to their music together and get into the ring. Goldust then comes out with a smile on his face, as his opponents and the crowd waits anxiously, wondering who the mystery partner is.

The music hits: It's Tommy Dreamer! The fans cheer wildly, while Ezekiel Jackson looks surprised. He seemed to be expecting someone else. Vladimir Kozlov looks like he wants to eat their heads off, like usual.

They start out with Tommy and Kozlov. Kozlov dominates at first. But then Tommy lands a few punches on him to get some momentum. He performs a DDT. He then tags in Goldust. Goldust performs a missile dropkick from the top rope. As Kozlov gets up from this, he suddenly spears Goldust. Jackson tags himself in as Kozlov was near his partner. Jackson performs some powerhouse moves. He goes for a powerbomb when Goldust punches him until he gets off. Both of them are on the ground. Goldust than tags Dreamer before anything can be done to him. He goes at it with Jackson. As the match progresses, there are a few near falls. He performs a neckbreaker on Jackson. He then suddenly out of nowhere, performs a Dreamer DDT. Kozlov comes in and is just about to attack Dreamer when Goldust comes in and stops him. Dreamer goes for the cover. 1...2...3...

Tommy Dreamer and Goldust wins. Soon they're opponents leave the ring with pure anger and hatred. They had underestimated Dreamer and Goldust.

MATT: What an exciting show that was tonight.

JOSH: Don't forget, this Sunday, the newly branded WWE PPV, Hell In A Cell!

MATT: We'll see you here on ECW next week, same time, same place!


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