Fresh Take: Tiger and Phil, Tony Romo, Detroit Lions, and Twitter

SportsChLeagueContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Phil Mickelson (L), winner of THE TOUR Championship presented by Coca-Cola poses alongside Tiger Woods, winner of the 2009 FedExCup at East Lake Golf Club on September 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Are you ready for some football?  Hey, Monday Night Football?  Okay, add in a little golf and we’ll have you covered so let’s jump right into today’s SCL’s Fresh Take.

The Detroit Lions got off the schnide yesterday ending an ugly 0 and 19 run through the NFL by beating the hapless Redskins 19-14.  Streak over!  Nightmare over!  Can someone give me an AMEN? 

Could this win not have come at a better time for the Lions and their beleaguered fan base who have suffered through bad football, an economy that has gone belly-up and an unemployment rate close to 30 percent? The answer is a resounding NO!

Lion Fan has had a tough go at it over the past few years and is the poster child for hard times in America. Too bad President Obama could not figure out a way to steal Detroit Lions stock from the Ford family and give it to the players union like he did with the Big Three automakers.  If any team ever needed a bailout, the Detroit Lions were it.

Tiger and Phil both won on Sunday and took home huge sums of cash for their play at the PGA Tour finale at Eastlake in Atlanta with Woods raking in a cool $10.8MM and Mick a cool $4.2MM. 

Woods’ payday came from winning the season long Fed Ex Cup point’s race and Lefty’s came from outdistancing Woods and the field by three strokes to win the Tour Championship. 

The media has built up this Fed Ex Cup race because that it’s job and that is what creates revenue but I’m not sure the Fed Ex Cup is good for the PGA Tour.  Lost in all the hoop-la of are the local sponsors who have been the backbone of the tour and supported its golfers for years and years. 

In the old days, the community hosting that week’s event took the players in and treated them as one of their own.  Those days seem to be long gone but should not be forgotten just because our friends in the media have teamed up with Finchy, Tiger and the boys to chase the all mighty dollar.

Finally, an adult has taken charge of a senseless and uncontrolled problem in sports.  Texas Tech’s head coach and self proclaimed pirate, Mike Leach laid down the law today concerning his payer’s use of Twitter.  No more!  Adios Tweetmeisters. 

Like I said last week, this is just like pulling a drivers license from a teenager who can not make good decisions.  One of Leach’s players Tweeted about the coach being late for a meeting and another player Tweeted about the recent loss to Cougar High.  Thank you Captain Hook for pulling the plug.  ARRGH!

Tony Romo needs to answer the bell tonight.  After last week’s abysmal performance during Jerry Jones’ celebrated debut of the new Cowboy Stadium, Romo looks to pick himself up off the mat and come out swinging against the Panthers.  By the way, why change the name to Cowboy Stadium?  What was wrong with Texas Stadium? 

Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett called Tony down this week about not being a big time player, prompting Jones to come to his QB’s defense.  I think TD has it right and JJ is on another witch hunt for someone with an ego big enough to wear that blue star on his helmet.  Jerry needs that superstar because his brand and his stadium are all he has for now.  Hey Ho! Romo has to go. Hey Ho! Romo has to go.

I don’t know much about motivating people much less professional athletes but I don’t think what Jim Mora did to Olando Mare is going to work.  Mare miss two field goals in Seattle’s loss to Chicago Sunday prompting Mora to call down his kicker in front of God and everyone, saying his team works too hard to lose because some kicker misses field goals. 

Well Jim, that is nice and all, but since you have such a stellar track record in your short head coaching career and an even more stellar track record in leading young men, I have just one thing to say…Shut Up!

Win yourself some games and then come see me.  Provide a good example to some of your young men and then come see me.  Until then, handle your nonsense in house as Orlando Mare is a professional knows he missed two kicks he should have made.

And that, my friends is what is HOT or NOT in sports.  Join us again for the next SCL’s Fresh Take.