Oakland Raiders: The Houston Texans May Be Just What The Docter Ordered

Ramone BrownSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2009

After coming off a disappointing performance and a loss to the Denver Broncos the Raiders are struggling especially on the offensive side of the ball.

But what better way for a struggling team to come back from a loss. This week the Raiders are playing a team who appears to be struggling more especially defensively.

The Houston Texans are giving up a league worst 436.3 yards per game as well as a third worst 86 points in three games.

What offense wouldn't be anxious to go up against that. The Raider running backs better be as the Texans have the worst rushing defense in the league giving up over 200 yards per game on the ground.

What better way for a struggling QB and offense to build some confidence than by playing the worst defense in the league.

If the Raiders offense, namely JaMarcus Russell, can't rebound and find some swagger against this struggling defense then they have serious problems. And that would mean it is time to make some serious changes and bench the Raider QB.

The Texans are actually also ranked 30th in rushing offense and the only thing they have going for them is the passing game ranked 9th. This plays right into the Raiders strengths as pass-rush and pass defense are two of the Raiders strengths.

This week four match-up is a great opportunity for the Raiders to get back to .500 build some confidence and quiet a few doubters. If they don't then the season will likely turn for the worst as losses begin to pile up.