Lakers-Celtics: There Is a Basketball God!

Max MannCorrespondent IMay 30, 2008

I'm straight up giddy.

Ecstatic, geeked, I can't even think of a damn word to say right now because there isn't a rivalry this unique in sports.

I even went on iTunes and downloaded that super, overplayed by TNT (and frankly quite generic...also just to note, the ABC "Tough Enough" song is just as bad and even more generic) Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park song "We Made It," just because I don't want to lose the excitement I'm feeling for this match-up.

Trust, that I'll be on YouTube non freaking stop this next week finding every single Lakers vs. Cetics clip I can find.

No longer am I, or any other Lakers/Celtics fan under twenty-five, going to have to listen to his dad or grandpa talk about Russell vs. Wilt, or Bird vs. Magic. We now get to say Kobe vs. KG...Don't you just get chills hearing that. The Boston Three Party vs. the Euro Lakers.

For the first time us millennials, us lap-top toting, Starbucks sipping, indie film watching, micro-brew beer drinking kids can experience Lakers vs. Celtics. True, I was like two when these two teams last played in the finals, but it's not like I remember sitting in my dad's lap watching Magic's running hook.

Don't say this is over-hyped either, because it's not. Really there is nothing in all of sports quite like it. First off this is the highest level of competition for a sport, and it's for the given sport's highest prize. I know Michigan vs. Ohio State is nasty big, or that you either bleed Duke Blue or Carolina Blue, but those aren't pro sports. They don't mean as much because it's not for the highest prize.

As much as I love football there really could be no Super Bowl that was this big, because there hasn't been two franchises that have been as dominant as the Lakers and the Celtics (Lakers and Celtics have won thirty titles...and all the other teams in the league have won thirty titles).

The Stanley Cup is on the Versus network...wait what channel is that anyways?

The Red Sox could never play the Yankees in the World Series, and up until 2004 you knew the Sox weren't going to make it anyways. 

Plus just look at the sub plots:

-West Coast vs. East Coast.

-A great offensive team vs. a great defensive team.

-A Hall of Fame coach vs. Doc Rivers...LOL

-Two pretty unseasoned teams who have now been baptised by fire.

-The Defensive Player of the Year vs. the MVP.

-Kobe doing a 180, the Celtics collectively doing a 180, oh and the Lakers doing like a 45...I mean they did make it to the playoffs last year.

-Can KG find his inner clutchness before the Black Mamba kills another team like he did the Spurs?

Look I'm Laker fan so I hope Kobe and his motley crew of European brothers bring out the brooms and smack the Celtics in the mouth.

That doesn't stop me however, for thanking the damn Boston Celtics for coming to the dance.

Just remember Celtics fans, when Kobe's going MJ on you like he did the defending Champs (like Prince James couldn't last year, or like he couldn't to you guys this year) that this time, without question, the best player in the world wears purple and gold.