Ode to Mets Fan--"Are The Mets Back?"

Michael PopeAnalyst IMay 30, 2008

During the early parts of Friday night's game, I could see Mets fans second guessing themselves with every Jose Reyes at-bat. I could imagine the bloggers cursing themselves for publishing that article that called for Reyes to be yanked from the lead-off spot. I could feel their anguish as they wondered if they could delete the words that demanded Luis Castillo be released.

As those two were working walks, stroking singles and hitting homers, I could hear them wondering, "Is the offense back?"

After all, they worked over Clayton Kershaw, the phenom with the mid-90's fastball and knee buckling curve.

What they probably failed to remember is this was Kershaw's second major league start. Sure, he looked good in his debut, but this is a 20-year old rookie who struggled with command in the minors.

But they put up four runs against him without their 3-4-5 hitters contributing anything. Delgado, Castro and Evans all got hits from the bottom part of the order.

So, if the offense is back, there still is a ray of hope. You can put the plan to buy paper bags on hold. If you hurry, maybe you can catch back up to the wagon.

Willie, returning from the dead himself, could use that as motivation to help this team get back to the top. They had won three in a row.

But the bullpen blew it. The one part of the team that was performing well, couldn't hold the lead.

I could hear them punching the keys, looking for a new scapegoat, calling for Aaron Heilman to hit the road.