On Second Thought, Cardinals RB Beanie Wells, Should've Stayed In School.

Kyle Strittholt@Man0fSteel94Correspondent ISeptember 28, 2009

Last season, Chris “Beanie” Wells was considered to be one of the best running backs in college football. He just came off a monster sophomore season where he rushed for 1,609 yards, which was a Ohio State rushing record for a sophomore.

He hurt his foot in the Buckeyes season opener last year. This injury plagued the Buckeyes as they went down without a fight against USC, and it plagued him with a big question mark on whether or not he is injury prone.

He returned after a few games and continued the season gaining 1,197 yards and eight touchdowns.

Only being a junior, Wells could have returned to be a high favorite to win the Heisman- and it definitely would have helped this team get to another National Championship game- but he decided to leave early and try and make some money.

Jim Tressel stood beside him, but I wasn't so sold.

Beanie Wells came to Ohio State with the mindset that he wanted to win the Heisman Trophy his freshman year, and wanted to be on a team that could make it to a National Championship.

He had flashes of what was to come his freshman year, and his junior year, he just took off as one of the best backs in the nation.

His ability to run through the initial contact and the speed to get to the secondary, are ingredients for a dominating college running back. I have no clue why he would give up his last chance to get the Heisman and a National Championship, just to be a thirty first pick of the draft.

I think Wells does have the talent to be a top ten pick, but he couldn't hurdle the talk of him not handling injuries well, and in the end, it killed his chances. Now, he is on a team that will not use him just because he made a couple mistakes in the game before.

In the Cardinals loss to Indy last night, they had a lot of opportunities on third and short and near the goal line for him to come in and prove he's supposed to be here. Instead, they decided to throw the ball and run it with Hightower, and both decisions lead to as many fumbles as Wells had the week before. The difference is Wells only lost one of the fumbles.

Arizona is just not a great fit for Beanie Wells and they wasted their pick on him if they are not going to use him.

They have one of the biggest weapons coming out of college and he's been underutilised. If he didn't enter the draft so early, he could have been celebrating with a Buckeyes team that would be undefeated if he was on it.

This is just another case of a young talented player thinking with his pockets, instead of thinking of what would be best for himself in the end.