Matt Ryan To Struggle Greatly This NFL Season

Eli EtzelContributor IMay 30, 2008

Matt Ryan, one of the most well known rookies in this upcoming NFL season, may also be one to struggle the most this season.

The Atlanta Falcons, in my mind, have failed to surround Matt Ryan with a solid group of teammates, but the only one to be a star on that offense is Michael Turner. They let their best target to throw the ball to, Alge Crumpler, leave in free agency to go catch passes from Vince Young instead.

I think that was a bad idea because who will Matt Ryan throw the ball to? Will it be Joe Horn, who only caught one touchdown pass  all season? That lone TD  came in the last game against Seattle when Seattle had nothing to play for in that game.

He also had 243 receiving yards all season. Some Wide Outs could have exceeded that in one game. Enough about washed-up Joe Horn. Another Wide Out the Falcons have is Michael Jenkins who had an okay year.  Most people in Atlanta thought he was going to be a solid Wide Out. Last season he caught four touchdowns and had 532 receiving yards. Now to the star Wide Out on their team is Roddy White who led the Falcons in touchdowns with six, and in yards with 1,202.

White is gonna step into the role as the No. 1 receiver and will most likely be double covered because the Falcons have no other decent Wide Outs to throw the ball to.

You are probably saying, well, if you cant throw it, run the ball with new free agent pick up Michael Turner. But who will block for him? Their best blocker is Todd Wiener, but he is a 12-year pro and his best years are behind him.

Matt Ryan will get pressured a lot this season, and Turner will not be that good as a result because Arthur Blank has not again provided anther key position Offensive Lineman besides Todd Wiener.

Matt Ryan have no fear, though for one bad year you will struggle, but get  a chance at rookie Wide Receiver out of Texas Tech Michael Crabtree. He had 22 touchdowns last season along with 1,962 receiving yards.

Matt Ryan, even though you will be living a NFL dream this season, you will struggle this year because your owner and GM have not provided you enough good players. Even though you'll probably struggle this season, you look at your college  stats. They went up every season, so you can hope to do the same in the NFL.

Matt Ryan, you might have  made a good deal by signing a lucrative six-year contract, so now with all that money given to you; you had better perform well.

                        Good Luck Matt Ryan