Julian Edelman Forgot to Return a Blockbuster Game 12 Years Ago

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 29, 2016

via Julian Edelman

If Blockbuster wanted its money from this rental, I'd hate to see what this late fee would be.

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman took to Instagram this week to share a wild find he stumbled across at his home recently—a Blockbuster game rental from 2004.

That was back when Edelman was just a teenager and Blockbuster was still relevant. The company has shut down the majority of its stores over the years, perhaps in part because of this unreturned game...or this thing called Netflix. It's one or the other.

This discovery has given Edelman a fantastic keepsake item from his childhood. There are some Blockbusters still in existence, so even though he has millions of dollars in his bank account, he has to be hoping he doesn't receive a bill (or get arrested) for 12 years of late fees.

[Julian Edelman]