Florida State: Stop Crying 'Nole Nation!

Matt Shea@isheax407Correspondent ISeptember 28, 2009

So, we got outclassed in our worst weekend of the year. Fans are back to crying and switching teams. Coaches are being called out. 'Nole Nation is distraught and confused. Tallahassee is just....in....pain.

Now that I look back at the game I attended that we lost this Saturday I can't help but get tired of hearing about people with the nerve to call out our wonderful coaching staff! How dare you blame it on Bobby Bowden? Just last week you praise him to high heavens and were back to loving the team your supposed to be with ride or die.

Get This! We fumbled the ball five times and lost it 4 of those five times! That made up our only turnovers! Get a grip on the ball 'Noles! This is what loses games.

Second, we lacked intensity the entire game, fans included. That stadium is not the same as I remember from 10 years back where IT WOULD RATTLE late in the game, even when we were losing.

Last but not least, Jimbo Fisher had the ball on our 35 yard line with the clock stopped on 2nd down with 3 minutes left and calls a RUN! How dare you say Bobby had anything to do with us losing after a play call like that!

Witnessing this game first hand almost made me vomit. Turning the ball over is the only reason we ever lose. The safeties for FSU were played up too close and it's easy to see why we lost. GET OVER IT YOU SPOILED BANDWAGON FANS! It wasn't Bobby's fault! Oh, and to reiterate my last point, Our new coach to be called a run play while down 10 with 2 minutes left, yeah, real smart! Who cares whos to blame? Let's pretend our two losses never happened and move on as a 'Nole nation! Things can only get better before getting worse!