UFC: Is Kimbo Slice the Real Deal...or Overrated?

Jessy MorrisAnalyst IMay 30, 2008

Ok, in this article I'll talk about something that has been bothering me for a while now: and that's Kimbo Slice.

Slice has become a household name in no time among MMA fans thanks to his YouTube vids, but my very simple question is, is he really worth all the hype?

I've heard alot of people saying that Slice was the next big star in MMA, and that he could take guys like Chuck Liddell and Tim Sylvia. Other people said that Kimbo was nothing and that he would be killed in the UFC.

Here's my opinion on Mr. Slice.

The guy is a great STREET FIGHTER, but seriously I've seen his fights and I'm not impressed. He has no real good technique. He's a STREET FIGHTER. So now that he's a big name with MMA fans, the guy wants to start training to become an MMA fighter and people immediately talk about how he could beat up the likes of Chuck Liddell. I couldn't disagree more.

MMA fighters are professionals. They train in boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and so much more, and to compare Kimbo to these guys is a total lack of respect to them.

I think Kimbo would get outstriked by Liddell any day of the week and by guys not even considered strikers. Do I think Kimbo could defend a takedown? Once out of 10 times maybe.

Then there's this fight Kimbo Slice had with Tank Abbott not that long ago and everybody thinks "Oh my God! Slice completely dominated Tank, he's that good."

Listen people, I could beat Tank! Tank was a sloppy fighter years ago, and he's gotten even worse today. That fight was made for Kimbo to win, Tank was never a good fighter, the fights he won? Well he got lucky.

So I think that if Kimbo Slice (and other people too) thinks he's ready for the UFC. He's crazy. I think he would get beaten in no time, and I would actually like to see it happen, so people could shut up about Kimbo.

Now I would really like to know how you people feel about Kimbo...

Is he here to stay or is he just the flavor of the month?