DeMarcus Cousins Videobombs Seth Curry, Contradicts Comment from George Karl

Thomas DuffyFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2016


Oh, those crazy Sacramento Kings.

On Saturday, head coach George Karl raised some eyebrows by saying guard Seth Curry would only last in the NBA for "a couple years," per Blake Ellington of Sactown Royalty.

According to Ellington, Curry posted (and deleted) this tweet:

Look familiar?

A day later, the 25-year-old started and knocked down four of seven shots from the field en route to a 14-point performance in a 133-111 win over the Dallas Mavericks. During Curry’s postgame interview, DeMarcus Cousins—rocking a sweet towel around his head—chimed in.

"You gon’ be in the league a long time, boy," the big fella said emphatically. "Remember that. A long time."

Maybe it's a coincidence, and the All-Star was simply supporting a teammate who's been struggling.

But Cousins and Karl’s relationship has been volatile ever since the 64-year-old took the Kings job in 2014-15.

Snake emoji, indeed.


Regardless of the reason for Cousins' support, big brother Stephen Curry approved, reacting to the incident with a 100-laden tweet: