FINEFIT GATOR: Dreams Of A Substitute Quarterback

Ronnie C Wright@@ronniecwrightContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

From the diary In Hot Sun
by Ronnie C. Wright
     I was fortunate to see Tim Tebow practice and play which inspired my diary titled: IN HOT SUN. I was immediately motivated by Tim Tebow's leadership and his quarterbacking skills.
     My interest in the position goes way back to high school - when I played receiver as one of the fastest runners in the State of Florida - occasionally operating the offense from the "wildcat" formation. I was the captain and, I recall waking up after a vicious hit on the field. It was funny really - maybe not.
     My teammates, all warriors had this look on their faces - concern. When I reached the sidelines, all I wanted was some Gatorade - and, it did not stay down too long.
     I could see many of my classmates and coaches with this look - this look! - they were familiar, yet - alien at the same time. Looking back - it was a concussion - pure and simple. Now, their strange behavior makes sense to me. I fully understand their concern more today than before.
     So, the screenplay about substituting for Tim Tebow was born. Content manager, Aron Glatzer read some of my diary and selected me as a contributor to the Bleacher Report.
     My vision is simple - you can never replace a Tim Tebow but, a boy can dream of substituting for this game day genius - say, the FSU game.  Now  - It's on! - my quest to beg, borrow and worm my way into a position to quarterback the Florida Gators on the field.
     What should I do first? A letter to the President of the United States - certainly, he could help. Also, I needed to involve the entire nation because you're talking about substituting for Tim Tebow - come on now.
     The President of the University didn't exactly kick me out but, politely pointed to the door. At least I walked away encouraged to take my request to the top of the sports chain - University of Florida, Athletic Director, Jeremy Foley. I threw my pass to the AD and before he booted me through the door - I got up and left.
     Then I met Skip Shackelford of CBS Sports who listened to my pitch, shook my hand and said, "Good luck!" That's it - "luck." How about, "kid, this is the greatest dream since, sliced bread.'
     Maybe someone could shed some historic light on this dream - someone who was around when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. presented his famous, "I Have A Dream" speech. So, I consulted with Professor of History Emeritus, C. John Sommerville who smiled and said, " faith is demanding."
    Why not go to another expert - Rocky - that's right Rocky! at least by watching the movie...Rocky Balboa spoke to me...a little man with a dream - that's me! I figured, Tim Tebow and I believe in "Faith, Family & Friends" - we both experienced a concussion and, we're both members of the nation that gave the world "Gatorade" - this can work.
     I'm committed and, I have a dream! - so, people - this moment is for you - "The Foundation for the Gator Nation."