Look for Tight Lips on Tate Forcier's Health This Week

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2009

Tate didn't have a stellar day, but the freshman delivered when it counted. I am very concerned about the shoulder injury that may or may not be serious. Publicly, Michigan is saying it's just bruised, but bruises don't always make you shake your hands as if to regain feeling and wince for long periods of time. But sometimes they do.

Look for this to play out over the course of the week. The key will be whether we can capture any Forcier video if the coaches let the media into Tuesday's or Wednesday's practice. I wouldn't believe anything you hear from the podium quite yet, because there's absolutely no advantage to letting MSU know Tate won't be starting.

Anyway, Rodriguez discussed his young QB's performance. "One of the things with a young quarterback is he had to understand when it is there and when it is not there," Rodriguez said. "With a young quarterback you are worried about their eyes.

"A young quarterback's eyes are everywhere. In the first half they were everywhere—on the field, in the stadium and on State Street. I don't know where his eyes were. And finally when he got his eyes focused on where they were supposed to be, he made good plays. That is a learning curve."

Rodriguez downplayed the mistakes Tate did make, however, and said he's not overly concerned "as long as it is not repetitive." "Tate is very coachable and he will continue to get better," he said.