September 28th, 1941: Ted Williams Ends Season with .406 Batting Average

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst ISeptember 28, 2009

September 28th, 1941

ted-williams-cardTed Williams ended his 1941 season on September 28th with a .406 batting average, the highest such mark during his illustrious 19 year career with the Boston Red Sox.

Although his beefy .406 batting average does not stand as a Major League Baseball record (Hugh Duffy, .440 in 1894), his on base percentage (OBP) of .553 in 1941 does.  This achievement helped contribute to Williams’ career OBP of .481, which is also an MLB record.

Impress your co-workers: although 1941 arguably stood as Ted Williams’ finest season, he finished 2nd in the MVP voting to the Yankees’ Joe DiMaggio – even though he had DiMaggio beat in Runs, HR, BB, BA, OBP and SLG.

But, DiMaggio’s team finished atop the American League standings and won the ‘41 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Damn Yankees.

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