Oklahoma's Buddy Hield Used VCU Opponent's Doubt to Fuel 29-Point 2nd Half

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IMarch 21, 2016

Alonzo Adams/Associated Press

The way players face challenges and opposition can often alone determine whether they are good competitors or great ones.

Before his second-round matchup against Virginia Commonwealth in the NCAA tournament, few could dispute the talent possessed by Oklahoma's Buddy Hield.

That talent was called into question Sunday night, however.

"You're the Player of the Year. You're supposed to be going to work," VCU's Doug Brooks goaded Hield, as the Sooners star told reporters after the game.

Hield had amassed only seven points in the first half, but he answered the call...and he went on a tear.

Over the next 20 minutes, he put up 29 points against the Rams.

"I'm about to go to work," the 22-year-old said he replied. But his play and the 85-81 victory spoke loudly enough.

Hield truly elevated to greatness.

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