Jarrett KarnerCorrespondent IMay 30, 2008 defines underrated as " to rate or evaluate too low; Underestimate." A good way to describe Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy, in my opinion, is the most underrated and underused wrestler in the WWE. No man has a better physique, is better with the mic, and is as athletically gifted as Kennedy all in the same package.

Any fan of the WWE who has watched over the past 10 years can recall another man who was ripped, funny, and athletically gifted. His name being The Rock. Although these 2 cannot be compared side by side at this point, as Kennedy has never held the Heavyweight or Intercontinental Championships, If Kennedy were to resemble anyone Rock would be it.

After watching the past 2 months of RAW, it seems as though maybe the writers have finally realized what I have. Its a shame Kennedy's feud ended due to a drug policy infraction by William Regal. Let me also be unbiased and say it's also a shame Kennedy just returned from his drug suspension.

As I have read the comments from my previous article entitled " WWE: Where Are You, Intercontinental Title?", I am seeing a few comments I fully and wholeheartedly agree with. A Kennedy/Jericho feud for the IC belt would be a perfect storyline. Two of the greatest athletes in the WWE alone, these two could also do some major damage to each other via the mic.

I'm not a professional writer by no means and no college degree in writing, but this is one storyline i could write. Hand a blank peice of paper to both men and say go for it. I'm fairly sure they could handle it.

I'm not telling any WWE fan to accept what I have typed as fact, but I would like to see someone name a Superstar as deserving as Kennedy with the same type of ability in and out of the ring.


* Jeff Hardy was considered for my article but Jeff blew a Heavyweight push by allowing drugs to be more important. Jeff was featured as the Main Superstar on the Poster for No Way Out. A sure sign he was considered a major part of the Heavyweight contendership. *