UNC Asheville Player Asks NCAA for Wi-Fi at His Hotel to Do Homework

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IMarch 16, 2016

Ben McKeown/Associated Press

It's obvious that UNC Asheville's Trae Bryant is a freshman and not a senior.

Who other than a first-year student would be so concerned about lacking the Internet connectivity necessary to complete his homework less than 48 hours before taking on Villanova in the NCAA tournament?

Such commitment came across in a subsequently deleted tweet in which the Bulldogs guard lamented his tech issues:

We need wifi at the hotel. Have some school work to do @NCAA

— TB3 (@T_Bryant3) March 16, 2016

No need for UNC Asheville teammates, fans, coaches or perhaps even Bryant's family to be concerned, however!

No. 3 later confirmed that all was well. According to For the Win's Nina Mandell, Bryant wrote:

The wifi problem is good

— TB3 (@T_Bryant3) March 17, 2016

And just in case anyone was led to believe that the NCAA made fulfilling the student portion of student-athlete difficult on game road trips, it responded with this statement:

Ben McKeown/Associated Press

A tip of the hat to Bryant for his scholarly determination.

[Twitter, h/t For the Win]