NCAA Basketball Fan Re-Enacts 13 of March Madness' Best Buzzer-Beaters

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IMarch 16, 2016


Some people love March Madness. Others want to live it. 

Samuel Healy is one of the latter.

Seeking a little vicarious taste for the miraculous, the every-fan took to his local rain-soaked court and recreated 13 of the most memorable, nail-biting, game-winning buzzer-beaters and clutch shots in men's basketball NCAA tournament history. 

And to give every one a realistic feel, Healy cuts away from actual game footage just frames before each shot goes up, leaving in the original broadcast audio as he sinks them all.

One? Perhaps. But 13?! Neither Christian Laettner nor Kemba Walker could have done it better.

[YouTube, h/t NBC Sports]