Detroit Lions Win! What Does It Mean?

Zac SnyderContributor ISeptember 27, 2009

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 27: Detroit Lions players celebrate the victory as they run on the field after the victory against the Washington Redsklns at Ford Field on September 27, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions defeated the Redskins 19-14. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

The Detroit Lions have finally managed to break the NFL's second longest losing streak in league history. Now that the euphoria has settled, we can now reflect on what this victory means.

It means the Lions, the modern example of futility, will not break the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' record losing streak.

It means Matthew Stafford will not have to look over his shoulder for fear of being replaced by Daunte Culpepper simply to break a losing streak.

It means the page has turned from a horrible 2008 season.

It means, for a week at least, the Washington Redskins can be the punch line.

It means the Lions can play the rest of the season for the future, not for the past.

The Lions may have a long way to go before reaching respectability, but at least they can look at the standings and find some other teams with a worse record than themselves. Sunday provided a chance to celebrate; the rest of the season will provide a chance to build a culture where victory is expected.

The win doesn't mean the Lions have turned a corner, it doesn't mean Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand are the front office combination to bring the Lions to prominence, but it does mean the nightmare is over and Lions fans can start to dream again.