Cubs Should Thank Bobby Hull For Victory

Michael PopeAnalyst IMay 30, 2008

If you're heading to the doctor for the results of a test, I have a suggestion. If your girlfriend asks you to come over to support her as she takes a pregnancy test or you have to go to court for a bankruptcy hearing, I know what you can do.

Take Bobby Hull.

If you need any sort of good luck, ask the former NHL star to accompany you. Just don't ask him to sing.

Hull was the guest singer for "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Wrigley field with the Cubs trailing 9-4. In all the excitement, Hull sped through his rendition just as the crowd was rolling along into "for it's one, two, three strikes you're out."

Sure, he tried to make up for the mistake and rejoin the crowd, but interjected out of order and ended up stopping before the end. When the crowd was done, he did yell the standard, "Let's get some runs," in classic Harry fashion to make up for his gaff.

But, in a game where they trailed two times by eigth runs, this time, the Cubs were actually listening.

With one out in the bottom of the 7th, Mike Fontenot hit a measly single to left field. Henry Blanco followed that up with his first homer of the year to make it 9-6.

Hull had worried he brought the Cubs bad luck with his speedy rendition and told Cubs announcer Len Kasper, "It was a terrible 'take me out to the ballgame' sing, but we'll get 'em going."

Kasper responded, "I just look at it this way. You were able to sing the chorus on the back end twice."

As Hull muddled through an awkward happy birthday wish to his wife in Florida, Michael Hoffpauier singled and Fukudome followed that up with a single of his own.

Kasper told Hull, "You're bringing this team luck in the 7th. Momentum can change quickly," to which Hull replied,

"Yeah, look what's happening in this game."

The energy in his voice made you feel something special was happening. And the next batter, Jim Edmonds, smoked a double to the right field gap moving the Cubs within one.

Hull seized his mounting influence and yelled, "Let's go Cubbies!" just before Mark DeRosa belted a two-run homer that put the Cubs up 10-9. The Bobby Hull led comeback was complete.

Hull was thrilled and yelled, "How about that? Now I don't feel so bad."

Whatever good fortune you need to come your way, see if Bobby Hull wouldn't mind helping you out. Just don't invite him to your birthday party.


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