T.J. Ward Says Derek Wolfe Once Told Tom Brady He Was Going to Eat His Children

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Trash-talking is a part of sports, but some remarks can catch players off guard.

What Denver Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe once allegedly told New England Patriots Tom Brady on the gridiron certainly applies here.

Broncos safety T.J. Ward made a recent appearance on ESPN's Highly Questionable and was asked about some of the scariest Broncos players. When he heard that the consensus was that Wolfe and Von Miller were named by several people as scary dudes, the safety couldn't help but agree...and share a story about Wolfe.

According to Ward, Wolfe once went "Mike Tyson" on Brady, saying that he would eat his children. "Digest 'em" and everything.

Hopefully Brady never takes his kids anywhere near Wolfe. There's no need to risk tempting the 6'5", 285-pound defensive end.

(Note: The Wolfe talk begins with about 3:30 remaining in the video.)

[Highly Questionable, h/t Boston.com]

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