Rockies Give Up Eight Run Lead to Lose Again at Wrigley - Take Heart!

Ken GiesContributor IMay 30, 2008

The boys of summer on Blake Street have dropped both games in Chicago to take sole possession of last place in the NL West. Sounds discouraging, but the news is not all bad.

Signs of life: both hitting and fielding are improving daily. Bats are once again making contact with the baseball. On the field, the concept of working as a team is beginning to show.

While pitching problems remain evident, losing a game they once had in the bag, the signs of life and camaraderie are there nonetheless.

For the recent or casual fan expecting a spectacular repeat of last year's championship run, the glimmer may be faint, but for students and lovers of the game, it is visible. Look for it in the can-do attitude of the young players, the hustle of a seasoned veteran, and most important, in the shared sense of comradeship returning.

Injuries will heal, starters will return, and yes, even Jeff Francis will once again hit his stride. Meanwhile, the players who stand tall in the face of defeat bring the light of hope during this passing time of difficulty.

Hang in there Rockies, and let's play ball!