Hold the Torch On Jim Zorn, at Least for Now—But As for You, Mr. Snyder...

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Hold the Torch On Jim Zorn, at Least for Now—But As for You, Mr. Snyder...
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Firing Jim Zorn seems to be on everyone's wish list right now and we are still three months away from Christmas. But would firing Jim Zorn be smart?

Adam Schefter of ESPN, who always seems to have inside knowledge of teams around the NFL brought up a good point. He said that Jim Zorn means to much to this offense from the play-calling to the development of Jason Campbell.

Now most of you are thinking that's exactly why he should get fired. However, that said firing him would do more bad than good. Bringing either someone up from the ranks or going outside would require a whole change in offensive philosophy probably and just wouldn't send the right tone to the team.

Keep in mind, Jim Zorn shouldn't of even been in this position. This guy is no more than an offensive coordinator who got bumped up to this hot seat due to another poor decision by team owner Dan Snyder.

When will Mr. Snyder look at himself, and being the big Redskins fan that he is, realize that he is killing his team. He has to realize eventually that this isn't some fantasy football team. Every team that has been on top or is steadily rising in this league, did so by something that Dan Snyder knows nothing about. Building through the draft, something his partner in the heinous crime of ownership Vinny Cerrato has no sense of.

However when this season ends, I believe it would be right to part ways with Jim Zorn. But this team will not improve until the ownership and front office do some serious soul searching.

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