Spurs-Lakers: Was It a Foul?

Cameron SmithContributor IMay 30, 2008

The biggest question that has been going around since Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals is: "Was it a foul?"

The way the refs have been calling games since I can remember is that they don't want to make a decision on who wins the game. We all know refs swallow their whistles at the end of the game. Does Brent Barry get fouled? Yes, should it have been called? No, only because the history of refs not calling anything in the end.

Yes, I am a Lakers fan, but I'm a also a semi-Spurs fan and can respect the way they play the game, so my argument isn't biased at all.

But if people complain that there should have been a foul called they should also take note that when Brent Barry put the ball the floor to attempt to get away from Derek Fisher, he travels.

I have yet to hear anyone speak on that matter, and also when Derek Fisher shot that air ball the possession before, it wasn't an air ball. It grazed the rim, therefore the shot clock should have been reset and the Lakers and Spurs wouldn't have put in that position.

Yes, the NBA said the foul should have been called, but that didn't do anything but make the outside world believe that there is a Lakers-Celtics Finals conspiracy. So the point of that was stupid, but it was said, and you can't go back now. In the end, we all know that it was the right no-call, you just have to put your biased opinions aside.