Mickey Mouse Hits Paul Pierce with Wild Pass Ahead of Pregame Make-a-Wish Event

Thomas DuffyFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2016


Mickey Mouse just hit Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul Pierce with the happiest pass the earth has ever seen.

Well, not really—unless the Clippers' practice court features a patch of grass with a fire hydrant.

The real reason Mickey was in attendance before the Clippers hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday was bigger than basketball, per John Frost of The Disney Blog:

Mickey will be available to substitute if the Clippers need him, but his real purpose is to participate in the ceremonial pre-game tip-off with Make-A-Wish recipients, as well as entertaining the crowd with a halftime show.

Chris Paul could use some help distributing in the backcourt. Stay ready, Mick.

[Vine, h/t theScore]