Looking Back At One of the Best Tag Teams of All Time: The Hardy Boyz

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2009

Hey it's Svyato hitting you up with another article. We all know that when you think of great tag teams over the years you absolutely have to have the Hardy Boyz. Jeff and Matt Hardy have always put on great tag team action.

I guess with them actually being brothers, it actually helps them in the tag division and it shows. Anyway here is my tribute to one of my favourite teams of all time.

Hardy Boyz

These two first began tag teaming with each other in 1993 in independent circuit. The two worked in many different North Carolina wrestling promotions holding the NWA 2000 Tag Team Championships and the OMEGA Tag Team titles. Yes they are all that.

At first when being signed to WWF the two Hardy brothers competed as jobbers to make other wrestlers look good in both singles and tag team action. The Hardy Boyz eventually began to rise and establish themselves as a tag team.

On an episode of Sunday Night Heat, Jeff and Matt knocked off Kaientai. After that win they were getting more and more popular especially with their stunts and high flying move set.

They started to become legitimate contenders for the tag titles when they got Michael Hayes as their manager. On June 29, 1999 on an edition of Raw is War the Hardys defeated The Acolytes to win their first-ever WWF Tag Team Titles! Sadly they lost the titles back to The Acolytes in less than a month.

Eventually they dumped Hayes as their manager and became heels. They had a brief association with Gangrel. After winning a a good number of matches against Edge and Christian, including the first-ever tag team ladder match they got the services of Terri Runnels.

On the next episode of Raw is War, both got an amazing ovation from the crowd. This  feud would go on for over two years and Team Xtreme got an addition of Lita to the faction.

The name Team Xtreme really suited them because of high flying move set they used. In 2000 they were a part of many spectacular ladder and TLC matches with Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz.

At Wrestlemania 2000 it was a Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match for the Tag titles. The Dudley Boyz entered as champions and Edge and Christian walked away as champions.      

At Insurrextion, The Hardy Boyz faced Edge and Christian for the titles. They did win the match, but it was by DQ so the Hardys would be left without the titles again.

At King of The Ring, The Hardys faced Edge and Christian, Too Cool, and T & A in a Four Corners Elimination Match for the tag team championships. The Hardys eliminated T & A, but were then eliminated by Edge and Christian.

At SummerSlam was the first ever TLC match for the tag team titles. It was Dudleys Vs Hardys Vs Edge and Christian. Once again we would see Edge and Christian walking away with the title.

Unforgiven would be the time for the Hardy Boyz to rise back to the top as they defeated Edge and Christian in a Steel Cage Match to win the titles for only the second time.

At No Mercy they would lose the titles to the disguised Edge and Christian, but the following night would regain them for their third reign as champions.

They would lose the titles to Right to Censor in less than a month after being assaulted by Edge and Christian.

With that the Hardy Boyz began a feud with Right to Censor and Edge and Christian. At Survivor Series the Dudley Boyz teamed up with the Hardy Boyz to knock off the combined team of Right to Censor and Edge & Christian in a elimination tag match. They were given another shot at the titles, but lost due to interference from Val Venis.

On Dec. 4 Dean Malenko defeated the Hardy Boyz "valet" Lita and retained the Light Heavyweight Championship also earning him a date with her. However on his date he received a beating from the Hardy Boyz. 

This started a feud between them and Malenko and the Radicalz. The two teams fought in singles and tag action on SmackDown and Raw. The feud ended at Armageddon in a three-on-three tag match between the two groups with the Hardy Boyz losing.

On March 5, 2001, The Hardy Boyz would recapture the Tag team titles by defeating the Dudley Boyz. The next month at Wrestlemania 17 the Hardyz would have to defend those titles in another TLC Match between themselves, the Dudleyz, and Edge & Christian. The result was the same in this TLC as in the first, Edge and Christian win.

The Hardyz would recapture gold as they beat Booker T and Test for the WCW Tag Championships. They would go on to lose them to the Dudleyz. Then they would beat Booker T and Test again, but this time for the WWF Tag Team Titles.

Then they would lose them in a unification tag team title match to guess who? The Dudley Boyz. At No Mercy, they faced Acolyte Protection Agency in tag team turmoil, which they lost. At Wrestlemania 18 they competed in a four corners match for the tag titles. 

It would have the champions retaining their gold. They then began feuding with newcomer Brock Lesnar and his manager Paul Heyman. At Judgment Day, the Hardyz lost to them.

The duo would slowly split as Jeff went to his single action and Matt went to his. This would not mark the end for the Hardyz however. In November 2006 on wwe.com it was announced that both Hardy brothers would be on DX's Survivor Series team. 

This made the WWE Universe extremely happy! Before the Survivor Series match the Hardyz got a tune up match on ECW, where they won. Then at Survivor Series they helped DX win their match.

On November 27th the Hardyz got their first tag team title shot in fib years! They would not capitalize though as Edge and Orton got themselves disqualified on purpose to retain the titles.

The same day the Hardy Boyz sent out an open challenge to any team for ECW December to Dismember. It was accepted by the reuniting MNM. MNM would however fall victim to the Hardyz at the PPV.

At Armageddon it was the Hardyz vs MNM vs Dave Taylor & Regal vs Brain Kendrick and Paul London in a four team ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.   

They sparked another feud with them where Mercury was injured. On Raw Nitro and Jeff would continue feuding over the IC title while Matt and Mercury feuded on SmackDown.

The final meeting between the two was at Royal Rumble where The Hardyz won the match. Despite this, Matt and Mercury would continue feuding. Their feud would end at No Way Out. On April 2, 2007 the Hardy Boyz regained the tag team championships for a sixth time in a ten team battle royal.

After both of them lost in singles competition they retained their titles against Cade and Murdoch at Judgment Day. They would follow that up by retaining at One Night Stand against The World's Greatest Tag Team (Benjamin and Haas) in a ladder match.

The next night the Hardy Boyz would lose the titles to Murdoch and Cade. Despite a rematch at Vengeance Cade and Murdoch remained champions.

On Nov. 13, the Hardyz faced MVP and Mr. Kennedy in a match originally scheduled for SmackDown. This would be a losing effort for the Hardy Boyz as MVP got the pin on Jeff.

Then you would have to wait until 2008 WWE draft to see them reunite again. Earlier in the night Jeff was drafted to SmackDown (Matt's current brand) and joined his brother in a match against Miz and Morrison.

They lost the match and even worse was that Matt Hardy was drafted to ECW, ending the reunion for the brothers. Following that, they would reunite three more times to defeat Miz and Morrison three more times.

At 2009 Royal Rumble Matt Hardy lost in a match for the ECW Championship to Jack Swagger. This would result in him attacking his very own brother, Jeff Hardy in his WWE Championship defense.

The two would feud from there meeting at Wrestlemania, on SmackDown, and with the final meeting at Backlash. Matt Hardy won the first two meetings, but then lost the last meeting at Backlash in an I Quit Match.

As a part of the 2009 WWE draft Matt Hardy moved to Raw. This would be short lived as he would eventually get traded back to SmackDown in a 15-man deal made by Mr. Donald Trump.

On SmackDown Matt Hardy would turn back into a face and once again reunite with Jeff. However this would not last too long as Jeff fought in a Loser Leaves Town, Steel Cage match against CM Punk which he lost and was released from the company for good, thus ending the Hardy Boyz.

Then again you never know, WWE might bring him back some day.

Closing Notes

In my eyes the Hardy Boyz will always be one of the best WWE tag teams of all time. Despite Jeff's track record and despite any issues that might surround Matt, the legacy of the Hardy Brothers will live on forever!           


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