Washington Redskins Need to Let Zorn Play it Out, But Let Blache Go

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Washington Redskins Need to Let Zorn Play it Out, But Let Blache Go
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Just my quick two cents: Blache needs to go.

I see a lot of talk of "Fire Zorn," but very little about how badly this defense is playing. This should be a big-play defense and they still can't get it done. Blache explains that "it's the scheme" that has the corners playing off, while there is supposed to be pressure on the opposing quarterback. Sounds good, but if the quarterback has an easy outlet because his receivers are open for the first two seconds of their routes, what difference does pressure make?

Firing Zorn now won't help anything, because who would they get to take over the team at this point?

If Zorn has the control Dan Snyder claimed he has when he hired him, then Zorn needs to make a change and make it now.

Who takes over the defense? Kirk Olivadotti is my suggestion. Yes, he has never been a coordinator before, but he has been around some of the best defensive minds in football during his long tenure in Washington, give him a shot, I really don't think it can get any worse.

Zorn obviously also needs to make some changes in the way he is preparing these players. If execution is such a problem, then it is time to change the way the players are being taught the plays and the way they practice them.

No more excuses, just fix it Coach.

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