Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose: Preview and Prediction for WWE Roadblock 2016

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2016

Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose: Who's your pick?
Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose: Who's your pick?Credit:

Saturday night at WWE Roadblock, Triple H will put his WWE World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs against Dean Ambrose at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto. Three weeks ahead of WrestleMania 32, it's anyone's guess who will come out on top with the title in tow.

One night removed from WWE Fastlane, Triple H brutally attacked the No. 1 contender Roman Reigns, who hasn't been seen on WWE TV since. In his absence, Ambrose has risen to a level of superstardom, headlining Raw each week and going toe-to-toe with The Game.

In a matter of weeks, he has solidified himself as a main event player, mixing it up with the likes of Triple H and Brock Lesnar and managing to hold his own. In fact, he laid out HHH at the end of this week's Raw and sent a statement to the COO of WWE that he shouldn't be underestimated come Roadblock.

Before he goes one-on-one with The Beast Incarnate on the grand stage, Ambrose will have the golden opportunity to walk into AT&T Stadium on April 3 as WWE world heavyweight champion. Although he appears to be a stepping stone for HHH en route to WrestleMania, he has more of a chance of capturing the prestigious prize than fans might think.

Triple H vs. Roman Reigns has long been seen as likely to be the WrestleMania main event, though Reigns' road to WrestleMania has been anything but smooth. Similar to last year, he has failed to win over the masses, and fans have criticized him for not being ready for the mega-push he is set to receive.


Meanwhile, Ambrose has done an exceptional job of connecting with crowds as the top-tier babyface WWE desperately needs right now. In addition to being tremendously talented on the mic and in the ring, he generates louder reactions than a majority of the current roster.

That doesn't necessarily mean WWE must put the title on him at this point in time, but it would surely be an exciting way of spicing up the growing WrestleMania card. Triple H vs. Reigns is the least anticipated bout among fans, so taking the title out of the equation or including Ambrose and/or Lesnar would be one way to add interest to it.

Even if Ambrose doesn't enter the event as champ, there is always the possibility that he holds the strap for a short stint before dropping the belt back to Triple H on Raw. Not only would it make Roadblock a must-see event, but it would virtually guarantee a ratings boost for Raw on Monday night.

Furthermore, fans can't count out Lesnar either, who will also be present in the building for Saturday night's show. It's logical to assume he will play a factor in the finish considering his bad blood with The Lunatic Fringe.

Either way, the outcome of Ambrose's in-ring encounter with Triple H is far from predictable.

If nothing else, Ambrose vs. HHH is a fresh matchup and an intriguing main event for WWE's latest live special. The Beast in the East and WWE at MSG were both thoroughly entertaining, and Roadblock looks to be the best yet.

The longtime rivals have been butting heads for years, dating back to The Shield's split from The Authority shortly following WrestleMania 30. They clashed several times in tag team action in the spring of 2014, but never before in singles competition.

They have developed quite the chemistry over the past few weeks, both in their brawls and in their verbal battles. Thus, they should produce a solid match.

Triple H hasn't seen in-ring action since seizing the WWE title in the 2016 Royal Rumble match in late January, so it remains to be seen whether he will be ready to go to war with Ambrose.

Ultimately, it will be Triple H cementing his spot in the main event of WrestleMania as WWE champion with a win at Roadblock, but it will not be without a strong showing from Ambrose. Look for this bout to steal the show Saturday night and set in motion what we'll see culminate at The Show of Shows.


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