TNA Fantasy League: Posted Roster For The Start Of The Season

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2009

Hello, everyone. As always, I would like to thank all of you for spending some time with me today.


I started the WWE fantasy league a little while back, and I am happy to say it is doing well. Since starting I have been asked to start up a TNA fantasy league. I didn’t want to do this at first, because I rarely watch TNA.


I am now able to because of one person. The person who should get credit for this league is none other than Svyato. He asked me to start it up based on the condition that he keeps track of the matches and the scoring.



I will not be offering prizes on this one. If Svyato wants to that is up to him. I must remind everyone again that Svyato will be keeping score. All I will be doing is posting the results that he gives me.


 Also if someone can tell me when TNA isnt pre taped I would apreciate it. I need to know this so I can set the trade date. Also remember that Svyato is keeping track of the results, not me


Everyone will have one more pick. It comes at a first come first serve basis. If you see any mess ups let me know A.S.A.P


 Male wrestlers:

 Cody Deaner,   Jeff Jarrett, Jethro Holliday,  Shark Boy, 


  Rhaka Khan, Sojourner Bolt,

Other Employees:

 So Cal Val,

League Roster

Patrick-AJ Styles, Christpher Daniels, James Storm, Sheik Abdul Bashir

Mike Fenton- Jeremy Borash, Mike Tenay, Amazing Red, Daffney

Svyato- Kurt Angle, Chris Sabain, D'Angelo Dinero, Dr. Stevie

Matthew- Mat Morgon, ODB, Lauren, Lacey Von Erich

Mr Taylor - Tazz, Abyss, Christy Hemme

Kendrick- Hernandez, Alex Shelley, Scott Steiner

Alex- Somoa Joe, Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Jesse Neal

RKO Kid- Eric Young, Homicide, Booker T

Scott- Foley, Nash, David Penzer

G Unit- Jay Lethal, Tayler Wilde, Raisha Saeed

Asheel- C. Creed, Traci Brooks, alissa flash

Hayley- Bobby Lashley, Suicide, Awesome Kong, Sharmell

Nathan- Tara, Sting, Madison Rayne.

Bill- Rhino, Brutus Magnus

Kevin- Sarita,Rob Terry, Hamanda,  Kiyoshi

Marina- Robert Roode, Velvet Sky, Doug Williams




I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday.


  Here is how the scoring will work:


  • If your pick wins by pin or submission, you will get 50 points.
  • If your pick wins by DQ or count-out you get 25 points.
  • If you pick a non-wrestler, all they have to do is appear on TV and you will get 15 points.
  • If your wrestler makes it on the Pay Per View card, or your non-wrestler is shown on the Pay Per View, you will get 25 points no matter what. If your wrestler wins, they will get double the points depending how the match is won.

I will be posting the scores on every Saturday. You will get points if your picks win on TV a Pay Per View.

If you would like to trade a wrestler with another member, you must do so on an open forum when I post the scores, that way everyone will see it.

 Due to TNA being pre taped 3 weeks in advance. The trades and swaps can only be made once a month. If this is not the case let me know so we can change the way the trading works.

So make your picks count because you will be stuck with them a while. The only way you can make a swap in the pool before the deadline is if one of your guys get hurt.

If your guy gets hurt, you will have the option to send him into the pool of left-over’s from the draft and take someone new. This also must be done when I post the scores.

If someone decides to drop out, his or her wrestlers will be up for grabs in the pool on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please PM me if you decide to drop out of the contest. When I post the new wrestlers available, then, and only then, can you put dibs on them.

If that does happen, a person must sacrifice one of his picks to get the new guy. The pick they sacrifice will then go into the pool. All this must also be done on an open forum when the scores are posted.

After three months, I will announce the winner.  .

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

There are only a few rules to follow. All trades and transactions must be done on an open forum.

The second rule is something that shouldn’t be a problem, but I am putting it in just in case. You must be respectful to your fellow competitors. A little trash talking is fine, but you should know when the line is being crossed.

I will now address some questions that were asked.

Q) If I pick a non-wrestler and him or she appears on TV more than once, do I get points every time?

A) No you don’t. One of the pluses of picking someone a TV personality would be that you are almost always guaranteed points. The drawback is that they don’t get as much and can only get points once.

Q) If my wrestler is a heel and he cheats, will I get as much points as everyone else?

A) Yes you will. As long as they win via pin or submission, the points will always be the same.

Q) If my guy is in a tag match but he doesn’t make the pin, will I get the points?



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