Arnold Sports Festival Results 2016: Sunday Results, Highlights and Reaction

Danny WebsterAnalyst IIIMarch 7, 2016

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All major bodybuilding competitions at the 2016 Arnold Classic ended Saturday, but the final day of the weekend's festivities ended with a chance for some of the world's finest to break some world records.

The Arnold Classic Rogue Record Breakers event took place at the Columbus Convention Center in Ohio on Sunday, when three of the strongest men in the world tried their hands at setting new world records:

Hafthor Bjornsson was the first one to give it a try. The task at hand was tossing a 56-pound weight over his head and over a bar set at 19 feet, five inches. On his first attempt, Bjornsson cleared the bar with ease.

Next up was eight-time Arnold Strongman Classic champion and 2016 winner Zydrunas Savickas. His task was lifting a 507-pound metal log over his head. Unfortunately, the metal structure was too much for Savickas to overcome, as he could not complete the lift after two tries.

Finally, American Brian Shaw attempted to lift a 555-pound manhood stone over a hurdle. At first appearing to lose his balance, Shaw recovered and cleared the challenge.

All of those feats were impressive and required a lot of training. Although Savickas didn't break the record, he came close to showing off an impressive feat of strength. Given another chance down the road, he could break the record in the future.


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