For the Milwaukee Bucks and Kevin Love, the feeling is mutual

Brad S.Correspondent IMay 30, 2008

This is my first profile of a player that the Bucks could draft with the 8th pick.  Next will be Russell Westbrook.

At this time last year The Journal Times reporter Gery Woelfle asked Joakim Noah what he thought of going to play for the Bucks. He cringed and said, "I'm not going there." (good, you're a junkie anyways.)

When Woelfle asked Kevin Love the same question he responded, "Sure, I'd come to Milwaukee, I love Milwaukee."

This is the difference between a player like Love and Noah. Noah is a scrawny idiot who gets caught smoking weed, and Love is a hard-working guy who the fans in Milwaukee would Love.

Bogut, Love and Yi could make a very good front court for years to come. Love is a 6'9-6'10, 250-pound PF with very good instincts, fundamentals and a good 17 foot jump shot. What he lacks in athleticism he makes up for with hustle and heart.