Dallas Cowboys: The Soap Opera

Christian WindhamCorrespondent IMay 30, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys are struggling on many issues, both on and off the field.


On the defensive side of the ball, it all started with Adam “Pacman’ Jones.

Now it’s dealing with Terrence Newman and Roy Williams. Terrence was dealing with contract issues, as was Marion Barber. The two signed an extension with the Cowboys. Barber agreed to a seven-year, $45 million deal that included $16 million in guarantees.


Terrence Newman received a six-year extension worth $50.2 million, similar to the deal that the Seattle’s Marcus Trufant is guaranteed, $22.5 million over three years of his contract. When crunch time is over, it's now time for the players to return to workouts and deal with their own goals.


Roy Williams is used to dealing out big hits. Lately, his reputation has been taking its share. So much for the changes he talked about in January, when he said he was switching from No. 31 to 38 as a way of re-inventing himself.

Is this a good thing?


I think Williams has been blamed for his performance on the field by being in the vicinity of touchdown passes, and since he is the safety, he takes the blame.


Is that the right thing to do, point fingers?


With the new talent added to the team in cornerbacks Adam “Pacman” Jones, Mike Jenkins from South Florida, Orlando Scandrick from Boise State, and defensive end Erik Walden from Middle Tennessee State, I think that the Cowboy's defensive weaknesses will be taken care of.


How do you think these defensive players are going to make an impact on the field?