Liverpool Special: Jail Nelson Mandela and Win the Premier League

KabeeR JoshiCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2009

"THE LEAGUE IS OUR BREAD N BUTTER" - Bill Shankly said in the post-match interview after the 1973 League and UEFA Cup double by pointing out the First Division trophy.

He added "Being successful in the Europe had been good for the club and the country but winning the League was what the club wanted to do all the time.".

That's absolutely right. Winning the league is our prime focus, and, has always been since 1990.

Thousands of stories have been written. Hundreds of personnel have been blamed. Plenty of those have been sacked. Millions of Fans have been serene on their toes.

But the 19th League Championship trophy has failed to return to its home, Anfield.

The person to blame for, in my opinion, Liverpool's failure to lure the trophy back to Anfield is none other than the former President of South Africa and anti-apartheid activist, Nelson Mandela.

You do not believe me, do you? Let me give you a glance at, why I believe, the stats which proves this.

Facts and stats:

In 1959, Bill Shankly took charge of our club, the club was fading away in the English Second Division. Mandela was a free man, then.

In 1962, Nelson Mandela was arrested after a 17 months of hide-and-seek with the authorities. The very same year Liverpool got promoted to the First Division.

Year 1964. Mr. Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment following his alleged involvement in some scams helping other nations invade South Africa.

In the same year Liverpool won the League title after 17 years. This number matches the number of months Mandela was on the run.

I know, most of the readers will see this as a fluke coincidence. I do not. If you think this was a coincidence, please, read on.

After that year, 1964, Liverpool became the most successful club of all time in England.

The trophy cabinet at Anfield Road was flooding with 12 League titles, 4 European Cups, 4 FA cups and 2 UEFA cups.

A Blistering total of 22 trophies till 1990, 27 years from Mandela's imprisonment.

Come 1990, Mr. Mandela was released from the prison, after 27 years of staying behind the cell, as shown in the picture above. Three months after his release, Liverpool won the League again, 18th time, for the last time.

The above stats show that Liverpool won their all league titles during the period when Nelson Mandela was behind bars.

Liverpool's supremacy in English football started in 1964, with Mandela's imprisonment, and finished in 1990, not to mention with Mandela's freedom.

Coincidence? I still don't think so.

Lastly, It has been 19 years since Liverpool tasted the blood in terms of League successes, also the number of years Mr. Mandela has been a free man.

The only person to blame for Liverpool's lack of success in domestic League championship is Nelson Mandela.

With Man Utd only one title away to overtake our historic and precious record, It is the time now, to realise the inextricably linked relationship between our club's success and Mandela's freedom.

Indeed, the startling confluence of events that have led me to my ultimate conclusion will make even the most ardent Liverpool fan reconsider their ingrained opinions about who or what is to blame for the club’s league demise over the last 19 years.


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