Gamer Proves Steph Curry Is Not Human by Failing to Knock Down Shots in 'NBA 2K'

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2016

via @HDKG

For those who say Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is doing stuff that can only be done in video games, think again.

Not even video games can replicate what Curry is doing on the court these days.

An NBA 2K developer recently spoke up and said—in a Forbes article by Ben Sin—that Curry's unbelievable shooting has been tough to accurately depict in the game. Because the shots he is making just shouldn't be possible.

On Saturday night, the reigning NBA MVP had a game for the ages against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He tied the NBA single-game record with 12 made three-pointers and also broke his own single-season record for triples.

And to cap a 46-point night, he made a ridiculous three-pointer from just inside half court in the final second of overtime to win the game:

Twitter user @HDKG (Warning: Tweet contains NSFW language) apparently couldn't believe his eyes and decided to put NBA 2K to the test. Playing as the Warriors star, he took aim from Curry range but was unable to knock down the shots.

It's official: Curry is so good his greatness can't be recreated.