WWE Fastlane 2016: Biggest Talking Points Following Major Event

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 22, 2016

Credit: WWE.com

A predictable result in the main event of WWE Fastlane leaves fans feeling somewhat indifferent about the state of the card for WrestleMania 32.

There were highlights from Sunday's pay-per-view, but Roman Reigns' victory—the one everyone expected—sets up a main event that doesn't quite have the big-time feel it should.

Elsewhere on the card, there were plenty of talking points, and here are the biggest ones as the curtain came down on the final pay-per-view before WrestleMania.


AJ Styles Impresses

There's a strong argument to suggest that the match of the night was AJ Styles' bout with Chris Jericho.

Styles looks increasingly at home in a WWE ring, and he really caught the eye in beating Y2J, a feud that has probably reached its conclusion now.

That will get people wondering where Styles' next rivalry is coming from, and it should realistically be against Kevin Owens.

He also caught the eye at Fastlane on Sunday night, and you feel like WWE has a feud ready and raring to go there after Owens eliminated Styles from the Royal Rumble match last month.

Things should become clearer this week as the WrestleMania plans start to be locked in, but Styles vs. Owens would certainly be a Mania match fans could get interested in, that's for sure.


Ambrose vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania?

With such little clarity over the card at WrestleMania, we're all guessing what the company's top stars are going to be doing at the show.

Talk had been hot that Brock Lesnar was going to battle Bray Wyatt at the biggest pay-per-view of the year. That could still happen, but with Wyatt not exerting his presence on Sunday's main event, does it mean WWE is looking in a different direction?

There's every possibility it could now go with Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose, as that's an angle that would certainly keep fans interested.

Ambrose seems to have a real bone of contention with Lesnar, and The Beast will surely want some revenge after being attacked with a chair in the latter stages of Sunday's main event.


Will the WrestleMania Main Event Keep People Interested?

The Reigns vs. Triple H angle looked on the cards for months, and despite a few people thinking Ambrose had an outside shot of winning, it was Reigns who prevailed at Fastlane.

That sets up a main event that looks utterly predictable on paper, and it continues the trend of overbooking Reigns.

The company had a superb opportunity to craft a main event star in the shape of Ambrose, potentially turning Reigns in the process.

Ambrose vs. Triple H would have had everyone hooked, but instead, do we now have a Mania main event that fans just don't care about?

WWE has a real task on its hands to make this rivalry sparkle.