Ti-Cats Go From Whooper To Whoopee Thanks to Montreal

Brad NortonCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

The cats got hurt in a bad way last night from the crushing hands of the Montreal Allouttes. The score was as shameful as it's been all season and actually the most one sided game all season for the Ti-cats.

A 42-8 loss is not something to be proud about and the cats are hurting without Prechae Rodriguez as all the focus was now shifted on to Arland Bruce who was triple teamed more than once.

What I didn't understand is nobody seemed themselves on the ti-cats that includes the defence. But, at least the defence have an excuse being on the field a lot, the entire game almost. 

Porter wasn't doing that much running and he always seemed hesitant on throwing the ball. They barely and by barely I mean maybe twice the entire game gave it to Cobb and let him run.     

One thing is for sure they need to bounce back for next saturday's game in Calgary or their 6-6 record could turn into 6-10. I don't know how long Rodriguez is out, but, they need to do something to seal that ailing wound sign somebody or make a trade.

I think they are missing one thing to become an elite team and start to win on the road. Somebody needs to step up at wide reciever because Bruce is going to have a hard time getting open. 

Porter you need to step up too, just find your zone, relax and do what you need to do. I know it's difficult, but, we need you. that goes for all of the ti-cats offence, you guys need to step it up and step it up now.