Wake Up 'Noles... The Season's Already Started!

Patrick FerliseCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

PROVO, UT - SEPTEMBER 19:  Christian Ponder #7 of Florida State Seminoles fakes the pass to Ty Jones during the game against Brigham Young University Cougars at La Vell Edwards Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Provo, Utah.  (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak via Getty Images)

As we all know Florida State beat (9) BYU last weekend which was a good win on the Seminoles' part no doubt. But let's put FSU's season in perspective- they show a lack of consistancy this year. In my opinion for a team that's ranked number 18 in the country, they lost or almost lost games that they should have showed much more edge in. Let's look at FSU Vs. Miami (first game of the season). FSU came into their season opener ranked 18th in the country like they are now. Miami shows up unranked and overpowers FSU 38-34. How did that happen? Miami's starting a true freshman QB who could be put up for a heisman in a few years. Their defense was solid and FSU came out sluggish. Their second game against Jacksonville State was an eyeopener. Florida State beats them 19-9. You have to agree with me on this- it should've been a blowout game in Florida State's favor. How can you manage to win by 9 points against a team that isn't even closely compared to FSU. When you look at teams like Penn State, USC, Alabama, Florida, and many others you see that they win by large margins of victory against teams as small as Jacksonville State. Next they played (9) BYU who defeated Oklahoma in their first game. FSU won 54-28. Now that's a big margin between the two scores and that's the level the Seminoles should be playing at all year round. Florida State has the talent they just need to really focus in on it. Right now as we speak the Seminoles are playing South Florida in Tallahassee. Florida State's behind 14-7 right now in the 4th quarter. When you've got a home field advantage like the 'Noles have you would expect to see a faster-paced game and more focus but they are in the 4th quarter and slowing making their way to get even with the Bulls. I'm not saying FSU's a bad team, my point is that they need to show more focus because they have to potential to be ACC Champions if they try hard enough. But they have to show up to play.