How Boston's Fanbase Reacted to NBA Trade Deadline Day Deals

William Brabrook@@WillBrabrookFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2016

Danny Ainge surprised the basketball world when he remained completely quiet at the NBA trade deadline. How did fans react to this decision?
Danny Ainge surprised the basketball world when he remained completely quiet at the NBA trade deadline. How did fans react to this decision?Mary Schwalm/Associated Press

Widely considered the most likely team to pull off a blockbuster trade by Thursday's NBA trade deadline, the Boston Celtics instead chose to remain dormant as the 3 p.m. ET deadline slipped by.

Sitting in third place in the Eastern Conference with a 32-23 record, Boston found itself in prime position to land a star player and make its case as the best team in the East. The team was linked to superstars like DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard and even James Harden.

With a full arsenal of first-round draft picks and several coveted players, President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge had the ability to make such a trade, as he had done in the summer of 2007

In his weekly interview with Boston sports radio 98.5 The Sports Hub, Ainge noted that the Celtics were actually very close to making a big trade:

I can’t tell you the team or the name, but it was very close. It was something we had been deliberating on for two days straight. We were wrapping ourselves around a big package to do a deal, and at the very last minute … they did not want to do it, they backed out.

Adam Kaufman of 98.5 The Sports Hub also pointed out an interesting tidbit from Ainge's interview:

The fact that the trade would've been for a player whose potential move to Boston was "never reported" is very intriguing, since practically every tradable superstar was mentioned as a Celtics target.

Naturally, the revelation brought about some interesting theories from Celtics fans:

Kaufman himself noted some interesting trade possibilities:

The idea of Harden going to Boston seemed possible, though highly unlikely. Trading for him would've likely required the Celtics to part with several talented players like Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger and Jae Crowder, in addition to a handful of first-round picks.

Love seemed the most likely trade option, as Ainge has been trying to acquire the 27-year-old superstar for quite some time. But a trade for Love has always appeared to be the most viable option in the offseason, when teams have several months to organize themselves—and also when some of those coveted Celtics first-round picks are locked in.

Regardless of what could've been, the Celtics ultimately stayed quiet at the deadline. Some individuals agreed with the decision.

Others, meanwhile, felt the Celtics had flopped big time.

Overall, most Celtics fans understood the situation the team was in and supported its decision to stand pat at the trade deadline. Ainge and the Celtics will have all offseason to try and land some of their top targets, and until then, the rumors will continue to swirl.