Shhhhh...The Indianapolis Colts are Still the NFL's Best Team

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMay 30, 2008

The Best Team in the NFL Lies in Wait

When I click on Bleacher Report's NFL link, I am greeted with tons of articles about teams that have not won anything in recent history or have no chance of winning anything.

Articles about the Raiders, Vikings, Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Packers, and a few other have-nots flood this site daily.

I, of course, attempt to read objectively, post my comments or suggestions and move on.

What disappoints me is the lack of articles on the one team that is still—in mine and many other's opinion—the best team in the NFL.

The Indianapolis Colts.

I know what you're thinking. Why would anyone waste their time writing about a team that's won 12 or more games in each of the past fives seasons?

Why would anyone want to write about Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Bob Sanders, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, or Joseph Addai?

Beats me.

I will tell you this.

The Colts will win 12 or more games again in 2008. This time, they may have Harrison and Freeney in the playoffs, and this time, they just might get back to the Super Bowl, and this time, they just might win it.

So keep those articles coming about those underachieving teams of yours.

Just don't forget who the best team still is.

And for you Patriot fans, you have no recourse here.

You were beaten by the Giants. A team that may not even get back to the playoffs this year...a healthy Colts team awaits you, too.