Lito Sheppard playing WR?

Casey HCorrespondent IMay 30, 2008

According to Matt Mosley, who writes for, the Eagles are going to try Lito Sheppard at wide receiver. During his college career at Florida, he played around with being a WR, and the Eagles have decided to do the same.

With the addition of Asante Samuel to the team, the team is dealing with three great cornerbacks. They have tried to trade Sheppard to fill the need of an All-Star wide receiver like Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, or Roy Williams, but no deal has worked out.

The Eagles feel that Sheppard could be used as a downfield threat.

The flip side to this is DeSean Jackson, the only WR they took in the draft, would be moved to cornerback.

If Sheppard turns out to actually be a great receiver, then great, I love the idea. But I think there's a great advantage to having three great corners on the team.

First of all, their nickel formation would be pretty much God-like. Second, being able to rotate between them could keep them constantly fresh and ready to play, while always having a great cornerback on the field.

These days, anything is possible in the NFL.