NBA Referees Bravely Read Mean Tweets Sent by Angry Fans

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2016

via NBRA Officials

Anyone who is in the public eye knows that while social media can be fun, it also gives random people a way to anonymously spew hate.

That's why it's wise for referees, umpires, line judges and others in major sports leagues to stay off of Twitter. The amount of abuse they could take online after missing so much as a single call would be unhealthy.

However, it can be fun—for those who can handle it—to see what the anonymous people of the Internet are saying about you. Jimmy Kimmel created a hilarious segment on his late-night show called "Mean Tweets," during which celebrities and athletes read some pretty harsh things written about them and have a chance to respond in their own way.

Showing their good senses of humor, a handful of NBA referees took part in a video of themselves reading some of the hateful tweets they have received. And yes, Joey Crawford participated in the bit.

[NBRA Officials, h/t Deadspin]