WWE's Top Stories, Rumors and Buzz for Week of February 13

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2016

Daniel Bryan gives an emotional farewell to the WWE Universe.
Daniel Bryan gives an emotional farewell to the WWE Universe.Credit: WWE.com

When it comes to WWE news, no story dominated the headlines more this week than Daniel Bryan announcing his retirement on Raw.

It was a sad moment for fans of the bearded brawler who hoped to see him return to the ring following a long period of uncertainty.

Let's take a look at some of the bigger WWE news stories from the past seven days.


Titus O'Neil Suspended

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported earlier in the week that WWE suspended Titus O'Neil for unprofessional conduct following an incident with Vince McMahon during the closing moments of Raw.

The entire roster came out on the stage to send Bryan off. The celebration continued on the WWE Network after the show had officially ended on the USA Network, and that is where the incident took place.

O'Neil could be seen grabbing McMahon's arm in what appeared to be a playful way. The Chairman didn't seem to think it was too funny based on his reaction.

Fans on social media have shown their support for O'Neil since his suspension was announced. The Superstar has been posting various inspirational quotes on his Instagram account to show everyone he isn't letting the situation get him down.


John Cena Named Honorary Pace-Car Driver

WWE.com announced John Cena as the Daytona 500 honorary pace-car driver this week. The injured Superstar will trade his jorts for a racing jumpsuit Feb. 21 at the annual race.

Cena has been healing from a shoulder injury for the past few months, and this is a good sign his rehab is going well. He probably wouldn't be allowed to drive one of those cars if his shoulder wasn't up to it.

The Daytona 500 is one of the biggest events on the NASCAR calendar, and being chosen to drive the pace car is an honor in the racing community.

Cena's love of fast cars was documented during his first DVD release, WWE: The John Cena Experience, so he is comfortable behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle.


Rey Mysterio Rumored to be Considering WWE Return

Raj Giri of WrestlingInc.com reported rumors of a possible return to WWE for one of its most popular former stars—Rey Mysterio.

The former world champion is apparently in a salary dispute with AAA management regarding payments being withheld, which has forced Mysterio to skip several events.

Mysterio left WWE in February of last year. He has since made appearances for AAA and Lucha Underground, but fans have held out hope he could return to a WWE ring one day.

If the masked Superstar does end up returning to WWE, it will likely be with a lighter schedule, but we will have to wait and see if anything comes of these rumors.


Sunny Hospitalized

Former WWE Diva and current adult film star Tammy "Sunny" Sytch told fans through her Twitter account that she went to the hospital Monday following a problem with pancreatitis.

Whether you like her recent life choices or not, nobody wants to see one of the original WWE Divas suffering from a painful illness.

Sunny has recently been promoting her new adult film and the release of her biography, A Star Shattered: The Rise & Fall & Rise of Wrestling Diva, but she was forced to take a break in order to deal with her condition.

As of Friday, Sunny was still in the hospital undergoing tests, but hopefully she is healthy enough to go home soon.


Daniel Bryan Retirement

Bryan revealed on his Twitter account the unfortunate news of his retirement just hours before giving his farewell on Raw.

The American Dragon gave a heartfelt speech about how grateful he was to have the chance to live his dream for the past 16 years, which forced fans around the world to reach for the nearest box of tissues.

Despite the tears, it sounded like Bryan had a good attitude about his situation. He didn't dwell on the concussion issue but focused on how he needed to be there for his family.

He spoke with ESPN broadcaster and former WWE punching bag Jonathan Coachman the following day to discuss the issue of concussions in sports and how they led to his retirement.

Bryan has always been tenacious, so there is a good chance we will hear more from him down the road. It's unfortunate one of the greatest technical wrestlers of our generation was forced to hang up his boots, but it will be interesting to see what he does next.

WWE.com announced a special "Daniel Bryan collection" will be added to the WWE Network showcasing his greatest moments, so we can always go back and watch his biggest accomplishments whenever we want.

Take a moment to share your favorite moment from Bryan's career in the comments section.


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