Buffalo Bills Week Three Preview

Mike BurnsContributor IOctober 30, 2016

Week Three in the National Football League begins the separation of the men from the boys.  Will the Buffalo Bills step up and hold their own against the high powered offense of the New Orleans Saints?  Or will they fold against the the NFL's 21 first ranked defense.

Everything relys on how well Trent Edwards reacts to the challange.  Gregg Williams will be more than anxious to throw many different coverages at the Bills young quarterback.  Any attempt to rattle his confidence will help the Saints.

The Bills young defense is banged up yet again early in the season.  Much of this can be attributed to practicing without pads but they will have their hands full with the Saints high powered offense.

This game will come down to mistakes and special teams in the end.  Which team will come out on top will depend on who controls the clock the best.  Bills hold tight but end up 1-2 in the end Saints 32-  Bills 28.